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 Historical background of Hamedan

Most cities of the Province especially Hamedan, Nahavand and Toyserkan are very ancient. Herodot, Greek historian Called Hamedan as Ekbatan and said that Diaeco (founder of Median dynasty) has built it. Achamenidae called Hamedan Hegmataneh (place to assemble) and chose it as their capital. As you read in history of Iran, Hamedan was the first capital of the first government in Iran. Archeological excavations in Gyan Hill (Nahavand), site of Habakuk the Prophet and his immigration to Tuyserkan (about 700 BC), Babakamal historical hill in Tuyserkan, Nooshijan historical hill near Malayer show the antiquity of these three cities. Various cultural and historical monuments in Hamedan cause that in the date of April 21th , 1991 in the Nation Supreme Council of Architecture & Urbanism meeting,This city has recognition as one of the six historical and cultural cities of the country.



In The name of The Glorious Almighty


Imam Square - Hamedan

History formed (by integration of geography & human being) to the extend to which they coupled consistently, therefore the said history could be an ancient boulder as a residential point of unknown people in a many thousands of year ago or it might be an ancient feature of Hamedan as symbol of representation &  signs of background for Iran.
Hamedan erected by Diako the founder of Made dynasty but it exposed to demolition at the time of bokhtonasr and fortunately Darius resorted the town, it is evident the old Hamedan intertwined with woof & heft of Iran structure.
The background of aspects like civil, structure, society, economy, science, politics even military affairs mixed with and rooted into context of Hamedan because the city endowed with expressions like civic& artistic representation in effective way either implicity or explicitly.
Initiation of history era, context of government, non-precedent capital, presence of Alexander , conquer the first, dissemination of Islam, victorious confrontation with Moguls and repulsion of Othmanids, efforts for sake of constitutional movement, opposing to Pahlavid dynasty, enthusiasms for establishment of Islamic Republic totally accounted for real honorary & promotion of community.
Hamedan might be the precursor of Iranian ancient civics even it stands at global level in term of monumental backgrounds.
Hamedan chosen as the first capital at the time of Kasiae civilization even before the Made dynasty there fore Hamedan is indispensable part of Iran landscape and both Iran & Hamedan experienced identical entity fate as well and the city lied at the slope of the scared Alvand Mountain. It preserves four seasons with various ecology concluding it is treated as pilot truism center and it ranked fifth as cultural & historical civic status in the country even at globe level due to many monumental & attractive effects.
Hamedan entrusted with a long history of culture, civilization & monumental in span of three millenniums & cradle of nature of known figures like Ayatollah Akhond, Ainolghozat, Baba Taher & others it furnished with different delightful climates in forms of four seasons, so Hamedan counted as garnet setting in the West of Iran and no other town are able to take over it.

This page is not comprehensive collections which addressing each citizenship of Hamedan and serves honorable & sacred background and it accounted for resourceful data along to history & culture of Hamedan as lands of monumental & Ahourmazda points of view so as to promote reputations of civic in full reliable stages.



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